Enterprise Plan

Basic plan

  1. Unlimited courses with support for
    1. Self-learning and classroom training,
    2. Active content delivery of course material which are either pdf, doc(x), ppt(x) formats or videos & SCORM content,
    3. Assessment with automated evaluation & certification,
    4. User engagement through notifications, reminders, escalations as well as feedbacks,
    5. Advanced control over courses with eligibility management
  2. Reports and management dashboards
  3. Up to 50 GB storage

Subscription Charges

User license fee based on number of active users



10 - 99

USD 2/User

100 to 249

USD 1.5/ User/Month

250 to 500

USD 1.2 /User/Month


USD 1 /User/Month

Note Also:

  1. Active users are users who can log into LMExcellence from either web or mobile client.
  2. Storage is calculated at the end of billing cycle, and additional storage to be billed at $.5 per month per additional 10 GB
  3. Subscription fees are payable by 5th of every month,
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Add-on Packages

LMExcellence Planner

Plan | Engage | Assess | Act


LMExcellence Planner enables you to align all your learning and development activities with your business goals. Spend your L&D budget where the business sees most value, leverage continuous and proactive monitoring to ensure predictable L&D outcome as well as improving ROI. Further, planner enables an inclusive approach to plan enterprise wide development activities by having your people managers participate all through the planning and implementation process.

LMExcellence Skill Console

Identify Skills & Roles | Assess Skills Gaps | Plan Development


Business management is all about managing people, process and information governing it, with people being individuals with varying skills and execution responsibilities on day-to-day activities leading to business outcome. LMExcellence Skill Console offers a unified view of skills required to conduct business at all levels as well as relating those to people roles across the enterprise. With Skill Console, knowing skills gaps is just a matter of few clicks enabling L&D teams to proactively identify development needs and drive enterprise wide planning.

CFR Compliancy

Control | Monitor | Report


Does FDA govern your business? Then, LMExcellence designed ground-up to be US FDA CFR-11 compliant enforcing required control, enabling auditing and reporting is exactly what you need to ensure skill compliancy across your organization.

LMExcellence Enterprise FAQ

1. Do I have to pay to sign up? arrows-down

LMExcellence Enterprise is available for free trial for a 15-day period, allowing you to sign-up for an account, browse the system and explore the capabilities at no risk. While your payment authorization is captured during sign-up, actual billing would commence at the end of trial period and you may cancel any time before without any penalty.

All subscriptions are monthly in nature and fees collected by fifth of every month, you could cancel any time during the subscription period & there would be no penalty or refunds applicable.

You could subscribe or unsubscribe for add-ons at point in time. Depending on when you do this, incremental fees for the current billing period could be collected immediately and reflect in full from the following period.

Course content uploaded on to LMExcellence either as documents or as videos as well as all access audits and user engagement data would qualify for storage calculation.

Course and its content are recognized as being owned by and responsibility of the active subscriber of LMExcellence Enterprise. LMExcellence has not rights or responsibility over any such content, but does reserve the rights to block its access in case of any violation of its EULA by the subscriber.