LMExcellence allows organizations and trainers to manage training programs


Self Learning

  • . Users can browse a library, select a course, register, obtain approvals as necessary and engage in self-learning.
  • . A training course or program can also be nominated or assigned as optional or mandatory by manager or training administrator.
  • . LMExcellence is mobility enabled and e-learning is available on Mobile devices.
  • . Organizations would either develop training course content internally or obtain content from external content providers.

Class Room Training

  • . LMExcellence provides or facilitates scheduling and managing Classroom training led by an instructor or faculty.
  • . LMExcellence includes features to define and track locations and training venues, helping administrators and coordinators to effectively manage Classroom trainings.
  • . LMExcellence also facilitates with managing class related content and assessments.
  • . Forms, Surveys and Assignments further add to form unified solution for Classroom Training

Online Training/ Virtual Classroom

  • . LMExcellence provides or facilitates scheduling and managing virtual Classroom training led by an instructor.
  • . Online training would let instructor and trainees collaborate in real time.
  • . Participants can connect remotely
  • . Application extends learning platform allowing users to use training needs such as screen sharing, video, audio and file sharing.
  • . LMExcellence enables delivery of training through highly interactive platform that uses video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom environment


  • . LMExcellence’s mobility feature lets users’ access application over mobile devices on all mobile platforms (Android, Windows, iOS), enabling users with anytime, anywhere learning.
  • . Users would be able browse courses, download training information and engage in self-learning.
  • . Anytime anywhere delivery of training by LMExcellence largely reduces logistics costs and further personalizing the learning experience for Employees or Students.
  • . Mobility Users can view programs, nominations, view eligible trainings, perform operations on program and Schedule Programs

Knowledge Management & Collaboration

  • . Customer engagement module which offers a collaborative interface to manage & engage in knowledge development & sharing process
  • . Discussion forums, Blogs, Wiki
  • . Content and document Management
  • . Live & context sensitive chat infrastructure
  • . Community and user groups infrastructure
  • . Networking capability such as recommendation, rating of content
  • . Polls, Survey & feedback infrastructure

Enterprise Cloud Service

  • . Customers who would prefer to have isolated Cloud for their Enterprise can request Enterprise Cloud Service option for additional cost. Features of Service include
  • . LMExcellence instance on Isolated Cloud instead of instance on shared multi-tenant.
  • . Dedicated and auto scalable
  • . Help Desk and Support – Gold Package
  • . Minor upgrades are auto provisioned and deployed
  • . Major changes are scheduled upon mutual agreement
  • . Higher availability
  • . Better performance / Dedicated Support
  • . Costs for isolated Cloud infrastructure, Service and Subscriptions can be obtained upon request

Analytics And Dashboard

  • . LMExcellence with robust reporting mechanism lets administrators audit, track trainings, attendance, registrations, participation, completion & dropouts.
  • . For Education Institutes, LMExcellence helps monitor student performance, training programs, attendance and more. Reports can be analyzed to assess if objectives of Educational institute are met or are on track.
  • . In Corporate world, Management can assess reports on various parameters - training programs created/ completed, Trainer ratings, Attendance by employees. Conformance and non-conformance on compliance trainings can be determined.

Assessment And Certification Management

  • . Assessments can be defined for each course and tracked.
  • . Criteria for successful completion can be defined for each assessment.
  • . LMExcellence lets you have a question bank, conduct online tests including random question generation.
  • . Set up Adaptive Questionnaires to understand the learning styles and dynamically post selected questions based on previous answering patterns
  • . On successful completion of course or a program defined, a user could obtain a Certificate. LMExcellence lets create/define/configure expiration policies and printable Certificates.

Training Need Identification

  • . Identify and determine the types of trainings to address the skill needs of your workforce to perform complex roles in an efficient manner.
  • . Map the TNI Source and TNI Period to the selected users.
  • . View, Plan or manage the planned trainings on the TNI Dashboard.
  • . User can then self-enroll by adding the TNI name to eligible trainings.
  • . Trainings can be mapped and mandated hieratically

Attendance Management

  • . Register Student attendance automatically before the classroom session.
  • . Scan and Mark attendance using the LMExcellence Mobile app.
  • . Generate QR Codes for every session and display it to speed up the process of marking attendance
  • . Ensure there are on unauthorized registrations.

Smart Content Delivery

  • . Upload document of any standard format and mark it active to be delivered as smart content .
  • . Protect your content from being downloaded on delivery.
  • . Prevent Unauthorized access and distribution.
  • . Track the time taken to complete materials and analyze engagements.

Drip Content Management 

  • . Upload document of any standard format and mark it active to be delivered as smart content .
  • . Create date driven delayed content with options to set linear prerequisites
  • . Limit course enrollments and manage waitlists
  • . Use the course date restrictions to set start and end dates to your course.
  • . Drip content in a cadence that makes sense for your course
  • . Set a specific of time when a materials becomes available
  • . Materials availability time could also be based on if the student had finished a specific material or not

Skill Management

  • . JD Management/ Role based approval of JD
  • . Plan and map trainings based on the skills configured in users JD
  • . Associate skills to user profile
  • . Upload external certificates to your profile

Help Desk

  • . Technical support can be provided for Organizations looking for Silver, Gold or Platinum Plans with defined Service Level agreements for response times and resolutions of incidents of varying severities.
  • . Standard, Enterprise
  • . Email Support
  • . Response within 2 days
  • . Response same day (based on criticality)
  • . Telephone Support (Office hours)
  • . Online Assistance with usage and management