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Content is a vital part of a good course design. Course Content Management is a skill mastered by the best content providers, who use their content to engage and interact with their learner groups. Unlike, run-of-the-mill content which are nothing more than bland and regurgitative, engaging content can enhance learner experience and elevates the level of a training program.

LM Market Place is a community platform where your content gains global recognition and reaches a wider audience.

Getting started is
really simple!

Create & Build Content

Create impactful courses in minutes with an easy to use intuitive wizard based on a step by step course configuration interface. Invite co-authors and progressively build courses with the course builder feature

Configure & Publish

Categorise courses, schedule online sessions, Approve and accept trainer requests, registrations, track and mark course progress and attendance. On completion, publish the course  

Increase Reach and Earn

Distribute to a global audience, Create and join learner communities, collaborate & recommend courses, Increase course adoption by making the course available 24/7 through our mobile solution.

Content Providers Benefits

Publish course material for a global audience

The material that you create will be learnt and taught to a global audience, supporting the philosophy of knowledge without boundaries

Transform regular content to a full- fledged course material

Develop & publish learning content in any of the standard formats such as HTML, PDF, Word, Flash, Videos, persisted whiteboards, etc. through the Content Wizard

Partner with co-authors and SMEs

Invite multiple authors, exchange ideas and knowledge, co-author content and publish it as a brand new course for learners.

Get access to a global database of knowledge

Collaborating with trainers and content developers from all over the world is a ready reckoner for accessing knowledge in real-time and very quickly

Content feedback

Gather feedback from learners with the built in integrated survey , polls and questions, enabling constant improvement and innovation to your content

Scalability and Mobility

Build your courses for delivery on a modern cloud based platform. Increase adoption by making the content available on our mobile ready feature.


Key Features

  • Prepare course material within minutes using Content Creation Wizard
  • If you do not wish to train, invite experts to deliver your course content
  • Adaptive Assessments enables personalized assessments, addressing varying learning capabilities
  • Create documents of any type like PDF, PPT, videos, quizzes and other multimedia formats
  • Use our content delivery platform that is compliant and enhances user experience
  • Maintain your own Course Content Library and upgrade the material at your convenience
  • Share your content with a global trainer base and get monetized
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