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Lifetime Free account granting you access to courses hosted on LMExcellence that are either free or paid. Enjoy learning anytime and anywhere using the free LMExcellence mobile app.

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Most suitable for individuals who want to develop and deliver interactive online courses to global audiences using content developed in simple formats such as word, pdf, PowerPoint or videos. Courses themselves can be either free or paid. Protect your IP by adopting secure content delivery ensuring your course content are prevented from being downloaded as well as a rich streaming service for your videos

Included in the plan is the built-in ability to create schedules and manage engagement with learners in groups/batches as well as a highly informative learner engagement dashboard.

You can create unlimited courses with up to 20 GB of course content and you get to keep all of the fees collected after applicable taxes and transaction fees. There would be an additional fee of $.5/GB/month



Best suited for those of you course creators who are ready to extend your online courses to offer full-fledged online education experience, improving learner engagement, assessment, as well as broaden your reach through LMExcellence user base. Capabilities include


  1. Adaptive content delivery with comprehension analysis
  2. Integrated assessment, certification & feedback management,
  3. User engagement monitoring and reporting,

Revenue share - 8% of revenue, post taxes and transaction fees

LMExcellence Marketplace FAQ

1. Do I have to pay for sign up and registering for a course? arrows-down

LM Learner plan is free for all, allowing you to sign-up for an account, browser for available courses and take-up all free or any paid courses.

At a minimum, you would need to Earn Plan; with this plan, you either deliver free courses or paid courses monetizing your course content. However, you could broaden your reach as well as improve learner experience with the Engage Plan.

All subscriptions are monthly in nature and fees collected by fifth of every month, you could cancel any time during the subscription period & there would be no penalty or refunds applicable.

You could change the plan associated with a subscription at any time, upgrade during mid billing cycle might attract incremental fees on a pro rata basis.

Course content uploaded on to LMExcellence either as documents or as videos as well as all access audits and user engagement data would qualify for storage calculation.

Course and its content are recognized as being owned by and responsibility of the active subscriber LMExcellence who has uploaded them on to the platform. LMExcellence has not rights over any such content, but does reserve the rights to block its access in case of any rights violation or violation of its EULA by the subscriber. Courses once hosted can be unpublished, but would not block users who have already paid for or subscribed for those courses.

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Monthly subscription fee




Access to free and paid courses

Create and host courses

Active Content Delivery (Securely deliver content in Microsoft Word, PDF nor PowerPoint formats)

Video streaming service

Payment gateway integration

Learner Reports & Dashboard (Know of potential learners, monitor sign-up & learner progress, transaction reports)

Adaptive & Continuous Assessment (Assess comprehension and guide learners through the learning process)

Assessments and Certification

Engagement monitoring and reporting

Storage (Additional storage to be billed at $.05/GB/month and determined total storage as on the last day of the billing cycle.)



100 GB

Revenue Share (Revenue share is determined post deduction of applicable taxes and transaction fees.)




Course design and development support