Virtual Classroom

Deliver training in virtual classrooms online to select individuals, groups or communities. Create your own classroom, content, certifications, schedules and rates.


Key Features


Collaborative fluidic Whiteboard

  • Write or draw anything effortlessly, including line tools and advanced shapes
  • Simulate writing on whiteboard in a real classroom, instantly share and invite others to collaborate
  • Add pages to multiple whiteboards, save and use it as materials for other trainings
  • Complete control over presentations and documents shown on your whiteboard
  • Annotate and highlight items on the whiteboard for better learner engagement and increased participation
  • Responsive design for consistent experience on any kind of device


  • Record and publish your online session as it happens
  • Recorded videos are saved with presenters’ audio and video inputs, and multiple whiteboards
  • No dependency on any additional plug-ins or software installations
  • Create portable and reusable content with the recorded sessions for other trainings, or to simply share and play it online to the attendees

Host controlled options

  • Host-controlled options to allow attendees to use the microphone, webcam and write on the whiteboard, or simply allow them to watch the lecture
  • Enable presentation rights to others in the classroom for a multi way live audio and video communication
  • Enable multiple participants to present and screen share, share a single tab or cast your entire desktop simultaneously
  • Easily switch between multiple screens or enable ‘full screen’ mode for easy viewing on a variety of screen sizes

Spot Assessments and Feedback

  • Facilitate interactive and engaging Live Online Learning with spot quizzes and dynamic assessments
  • Deliver on-the-spot assessments with quick quizzes, continuously gauge the student understanding and instantly measure learning outcomes
  • Get instant feedback with polls
  • Publish dynamic assessments to enable highly personalized learning to address varying learning capabilities

Interactive tools

  • Improve learner engagement with live text chat, enabling effective real-time communication
  • Easily  interact with teachers or other students in the classroom in real-time
  • Engage in collaborative chat, for everything from raising questions/answers to sharing useful info without causing interruptions
  • Share files such as DOC, PPT, and PDF with the attendees in a live session

Informative Dashboard

  • Quick view of the online and offline attendees inside the classroom
  • Gain a complete insight into the classroom activities performed
  • Assign or revoke presentation and sharing rights with a click
  • Create instant notes and save it for future reference
  • Simple menu options to record or stop recording a session
  • Expand/collapse your workspace for expanded viewing

Training and learning has never been this easy and engaging!

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