LMExcellence allows organizations and trainers to manage training programs by uploading all training material into centralized location, thus enabling employees or learners to access the learning material at anytime from anywhere with web-access.


Self Learning

  • Users can browse a library, select a course, register, obtain approvals as necessary and engage in self-learning.
  • A training course or program can also be nominated or assigned as optional or mandatory by manager or training administrator.
  • LMExcellence is mobility enabled and e-learning is available on Mobile devices.
  • Organizations would either develop training course content internally or obtain content from external content providers.

Class Room Training

  • LMExcellence provides or facilitates scheduling and managing Classroom training led by an instructor or faculty.
  • LMExcellence includes features to define and track locations and training venues, helping administrators and coordinators to effectively manage Classroom trainings.
  • LMExcellence also facilitates with managing class related content and assessments.
  • Forms, Surveys and Assignments further add to form unified solution for Classroom Training

Online Training

  • LMExcellence provides or facilitates scheduling and managing virtual Classroom training led by an instructor.
  • Online training would let instructor and trainees collaborate in real time.
  • Participants can connect remotely
  • Application extends learning platform allowing users to use training needs such as screen sharing, video, audio and file sharing.
  • LMExcellence enables delivery of training through highly interactive platform that uses video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom environment


  • LMExcellence’s mobility feature lets users’ access application over mobile devices on all mobile platforms (Android, Windows, iOS), enabling users with anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Users would be able browse courses, download training information and engage in self-learning.
  • Anytime anywhere delivery of training by LMExcellence largely reduces logistics costs and further personalizing the learning experience for Employees or Students.
  • Mobility Users can view programs, nominations, view eligible trainings, perform operations on program and Schedule Programs

Knowledge Management & Collaboration

  • Customer engagement module which offers a collaborative interface to manage & engage in knowledge development & sharing process
  • Discussion forums, Blogs, Wiki
  • Content and document Management,
  • Live & context sensitive chat infrastructure,
  • Community and user groups infrastructure,
  • Networking capability such as recommendation, rating of content
  • Polls, Survey & feedback infrastructure, etc…

Enterprise Cloud Service

  • Customers who would prefer to have isolated Cloud for their Enterprise can request Enterprise Cloud Service option for additional cost. Features of Service include
  • LMExcellence instance on Isolated Cloud instead of instance on shared multi-tenant.
  • Dedicated and auto scalable
  • Help Desk and Support – Gold Package
  • Minor upgrades are auto provisioned and deployed
  • Major changes are scheduled upon mutual agreement
  • Higher availability
  • Better performance / Dedicated Support
  • Costs for isolated Cloud infrastructure, Service and Subscriptions can be obtained upon request

Analytics and Dashboard

  • LMExcellence with robust reporting mechanism lets administrators audit, track trainings, attendance, registrations, participation, completion & dropouts.
  • For Education Institutes, LMExcellence helps monitor student performance, training programs, attendance and more. Reports can be analyzed to assess if objectives of Educational institute are met or are on track.
  • In Corporate world, Management can assess reports on various parameters - training programs created/ completed, Trainer ratings, Attendance by employees. Conformance and non-conformance on compliance trainings can be determined.

Assessment and Certification Management

  • Assessments can be defined for each course and tracked.
  • Criteria for successful completion can be defined for each assessment.
  • LMExcellence lets you have a question bank, conduct online tests including random question generation.
  • On successful completion of course or a program defined, a user could obtain a Certificate. LMExcellence lets create/define/configure expiration policies and printable Certificates.

Help Desk

  • Technical support can be provided for Organizations looking for Silver, Gold or Platinum Plans with defined Service Level agreements for response times and resolutions of incidents of varying severities.
  • Standard

    • Email Support
    • Response within 2 days
  • Enterprise

    • Email Support
    • Response same day (based on criticality)
  • Standard

    • Email Support
    • Response same day
    • Telephone Support (Office hours)
    • Online Assistance with usage and management